Philadelphia Community Development Coalition (PCDC) was established in 2015 as a homegrown 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. Blighted, abandoned, and unsafe buildings can be found in many of our Philadelphia neighborhoods. We can all agree on the negative impact that these blighted buildings have on the community that surrounds them. Deteriorating walls are waiting to crumble or collapse. Neglected roofs provide a path for water and vermin to infiltrate neighboring homes. Unsecured buildings are open to trespass by addicts or our children just looking for something to do. Like many community development groups, PCDC believes in coming together with Philly’s residents to remediate and restore properties long overdue but our methodology is where we take a different approach. 

PCDC’s small staff is built to remediate properties in need on a case-by-case basis. We have the knowledge and experience needed to research and address any unique or difficult issue thrown our way. We have the resources and partners needed to make real, physical improvement. PCDC is not a typical Philly developer out to turn a quick profit and maximize growth. We believe in responsible restoration of neighborhoods. PCDC has a strong preference for preservation of existing structures rather than tearing down a viable building to build massive cookie-cutter houses with no off-street parking. Neighborhood development should be completed with:

  • responsibility and sustainability in mind
  • input from community members
  • minimal impact to neighbors during construction
  • minimal long-term impact to the neighborhood
  • high quality materials and no shortcuts

PCDC believes in coming together as one city, knowing that what’s best for one resident or neighborhood isn’t always best for another. PCDC believes in all of our community members, both the new residents growing our city and the lifelong residents who built our neighborhoods. Above all, PCDC believes in Philadelphia.